Le Voyage De Bibou

Chapter .1 | Bears are never afraid.

First episode of the VR comic Le Voyage de Bibou using a VR painting tool called Quill to produce hand-crafted experiences both in and out of VR.


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A little whale with a huge lack of self-confidence. Bibou isn’t happy, she’d really like to have just one friend. But when she meets Jacques, everything changes. He’s the opposite of Bibou: selfish, temperamental, expansive and over-confident. A real polar bear! Jacques’ problem is that he’s lost in the middle of the ocean. He’s drifting on an iceberg. Fortunately, Jacques knows how to find the right words. Bibou helps him get home.

Dir: Mickael Soubabere
Musique: Apesaw – Miniatures

#MotionDesign #VR